With the Public Sector representing 51% of the Scottish economy, cuts, of any kind, will have ramifications for Scottish workers across both the public and private sectors. Many individuals will be wondering if and how they will be impacted with many experiencing worry and concern about potential changes to their personal circumstances.

Many employees have not had to deal with the level of change currently being experienced in their working lives until recently, this is creating additional challenges both for individuals and our Leaders and Managers. There are however areas that will always remain within direct control of the individual as they work through the implications of change and begin to anticipate what this means for them and their future.

So what can the individual do?

Manage your career

No matter what is happening around you, you always have control over your career management process. Build your networks and keep active, do not wait until you need to use these networks, keep them up to date and relevant now - it may reduce future stress if you have been in touch with people you know across your industry and know what is going on outside your own workplace. This is an important part of coping with workplace change and one that you can start at any time.

Be mindful of mental health

Be mindful of your emotional reactions to what is happening around you. Try to focus on what is really important such as your day to day responsibilities in your work and personal life. If the day to day activities are starting to suffer it may be a sign that you are not coping. If needed seek help.

Take care of your physical health

Sleep, get what you need and remember quality counts. Regular exercise is well established as a means of reducing stress, if you are not a regular exerciser, start slowly and take advice on how to best incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

Be proactive

Being proactive now may help prepare you should change happen that is beyond your control. Talk to people, use the tools that are readily available such as LinkedIn as part of participating in your network, use Twitter to follow industry leaders who provide timely and relevant information about your field or industry. Plan ahead to think about how you can incorporate these tips into your daily routine and in the process you may feel less like you are at the mercy of an uncertain economy and just a little more in control in times of uncertainty.

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We would like to hear your stories on what has worked and where taking care of things ahead of time helped when change came knocking on your door.