Requirements management for project managers is a technical competency that describes the process of capturing, analysing and confirming the stakeholder and user's wants and needs.

To work, requirements must be:

  • documented
  • a statement of the need that a project has to satisfy
  • comprehensive
  • clear and well structured
  • traceable
  • testable

To be competent in this area a project manager will need to:

  1. Gather, document and get agreement on project requirements and related acceptance criteria.
  2. Analyse and prioritise requirements, taking into consideration costs, business benefits and priorities.
  3. Facilitate discussions to agree the requirements (design) and the preferred solution with the key stakeholders usually including the sponsor.
  4. Develop detailed plans to deliver the requirements.
  5. Establish a common understanding of the requirements across the project team and all stakeholders.

Requirements management is akin to scope management. Getting this right up front in a project usually saves considerable time down the line. That said, a project manager skilled in this area knows that requirements change over the life of a project and there will be unavoidable changes that will need to be incorporated and the impacts of this understood.

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