The February issue of Project Magazine published by the Association for Project Managers features a review of social media for project managers including a review of Twitter by yours truly. Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube were among other social media tools given a test drive.

The results were mixed, with some tools found to be more useful than others. In my opinion finding the right tools for your project management needs is key to making social media work for you as there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Social media at its heart is about engagement and the best way to work out what works for you in supporting your role as a project manager, is to get stuck in and start engaging. The article will provides some pointers and places to start and in this day and age of information overload, having the right tools in your toolkit could make all the difference.

Read the article in full:

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If social media is of interest to you, check out Elizabeth Harrin's book Social Media for Project Managers. Elizabeth, also a contributor to the February Project article, blogs at and while I am yet to read her book, I have heard her speak on this topic at APM Conferences in the past.

What are your experiences in using social media to support your role as a project manager? What have you found useful and not so useful?