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Project Manager Competence – Soft Skills & Behavioural Competencies overview

Behavioural Competencies are an important component of their skills and capabilities alongside technical and contextual competencies.

Project Manager Competence – Soft Skills & Behavioural Competencies overview2017-11-26T10:29:40+01:00

Project Manager Competency – Planning

Planning for project managers is a technical competency that describes the process used to determine the overall project duration and when activities and events are planned to happen. To work, project planning must include: Activities and their logical dependencies Activity durations Resource requirements and availability To be competent in this area a project manager will [...]

Project Manager Competency – Planning2017-11-26T10:29:42+01:00

Building Project Manager Competence

Project Manager competence is an area where the individual and the organisation both need to accept responsibilities. Helping project managers build the skills they need to do a great job is as important as the individual taking responsibility for developing their skills and behaviours in a supported environment. Both will result in strong project management practices and project successes.

Building Project Manager Competence2017-11-26T10:29:43+01:00

The Soft Skills Debate

Soft skills for Project Managers is a topic that is regularly raised without any real resolution of where the balance between technical (hard) skills and people (soft) skills lies. The question is too simplistic, soft skills encompasses a wide range of skills and anyone responsible for delivery will need a mix of hard and soft skills to get the job done.

The Soft Skills Debate2017-11-26T10:29:47+01:00

People Change Delivery Framework

People Change Delivery Framework Project in conjunction with the Edinburgh Napier University Business School aimed to establish if there is a business need in organisations to combine the human aspects of change management delivery with existing project management methodologies.

People Change Delivery Framework2017-11-26T10:29:54+01:00

Why we need more Senior Female Project Managers

Back in 2007 I provided my views on women in project management as part of a feature for the Association for Project Management's Project Magazine. At that time there was a lot of talk about the changing nature of the project management profession, chartered status was just getting off the ground and it felt like [...]

Why we need more Senior Female Project Managers2017-11-26T10:29:55+01:00