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We are a consulting services company providing project management and related services for businesses to help them grow, improve and change the way they work.


Helping you deliver changes to the way your business works.

We understand that managing change is at the heart of delivering great project results. Processes, procedures and systems are only as good as the way they are used and incorporated into day-to-day operations. We're here to help deliver these changes and provide structure around changing the way your team works.


Helping you to translate your business idea into words.

You need someone to help you describe and present your business idea, growth or expansion plans. We help by listening, and gently challenging, the details of your business or organisation and presenting it in a format that works for your audience.

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A toolbox of guides for organisations and businesses who want to write their own but could do with a little support.

Our first priority is a guide to writing a Business Plan in a post-Covid economy, what to think about and how to measure success. Think short term agility and long term resilience.

We've also got Feasibility Studies covered (a decision making tool to work out if your idea is a good one) and a guide to writing business reports, getting the tone right and structure that works for your audience.


In the current environment, adaption to change is paramount. Featured here is our series on the Steps to Renew Your Organisation outlined by Kotter in his book Leading Change. The role of change management to support individuals through adaption of new ways of working is now, more than ever, an important part of the project management process.

Change Management Series: Leading Change, John Kotter

Kotter’s Leading Change – Steps to renew your organisation

John P. Kotter's seminal book Leading Change published in 1996 is now more than ever a go-to book to understand how to deliver change in businesses and organisations. Kotter's eight steps to transforming your organisation are explored including: Urgency; Powerful Guiding Coalitions; Vision; Communicating the Vision; Empowering Others to Act; Short-Term Wins; Improvements and More Change, and; Institutionalising New Approaches.

Kotter’s Leading Change Step 1: Establishing a Sense of Urgency

The first step in Kotter's steps to transform your organisation is to establish a sense of urgency, in effect ensuring there is motivation for the change to take place. Change is hard and without a strong uniting force that underpins their understanding of why the change is necessary to the survival of the business it is unlikely to gain traction and succeed.

Kotter’s Leading Change Step 2: Forming a Powerful Guiding Coalition

To deliver transformational change in your organisation, a powerful guiding coalition is needed. Kotter's seminal book called Leading Change outlines eight steps to deliver change, the first being establishing a sense of urgency followed by forming a powerful guiding coalition which is examined here.

Kotter’s Leading Change Step 3: Creating a Vision

Transforming an organisation takes vision. Kotter's seminal book called Leading Change outlines eight steps to turn a vision for change into reality. The third step in his process is creating the vision, this is done once a sense of urgency for the change has been created and a powerful guiding coalition is formed to then create the vision.

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