Established in 2006, we are a dedicated team delivering results for businesses of all sizes by changing the way they work, whether it be through people, processes or technology. We help businesses get online, use digital and technology to build and grow their business and help with the planning and implementation that comes as a result of changing the business' tools and processes.

Changes will impact the individuals within the business and can impact those outside the business too. We understand the importance of helping people through periods of change and have experience in organisational development and transition activities to support the change process.


Maciver Project Services was established in 2006 by founder Lynne Maciver who has experience in delivering change through technology for large scale corporate clients. Improving the use of systems and processes was equally needed in small to medium size businesses, bringing the experience and rigour required by large organisations, to the flexibility and agility of smaller businesses.


We are a small, flexible team who between us bring decades of experience in working with technology to the table. We draw on our network of complementary skills from trusted organisations and individuals as and when required ensuring our clients always get the right skills for the job.

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In 2017 we began the hunt for an office space. We soon learned that there were no 'entry ready' spaces in and around the area where we are based. Figuring we weren't the only business looking for a shared office space, we set up the Stornoway Business Hub overlooking Stornoway's Inner Harbour. The space offers hot desks, a meeting room and serviced offices. For more information about using this space, please visit Stornoway Business Hub.


From September 2010 to August 2013 we led the Maciver Consortium to provide Organisational Development and HR Consulting services to the Scottish Government as part of their Business Management Consultancy Services Framework. The Scottish Government decided not to renew the Framework for all organisations on the completion of the 3 year period.