Kotter’s Leading Change Step 3: Creating a Vision

June 28th, 2010|Change Management|

Transforming an organisation takes vision. Kotter's seminal book called Leading Change outlines eight steps to turn a vision for change into reality. The third step in his process is creating the vision, this is done once a sense of urgency for the change has been created and a powerful guiding coalition is formed to then create the vision.

Kotter’s Leading Change Step 1: Establishing a Sense of Urgency

June 14th, 2010|Change Management|

The first step in Kotter's steps to transform your organisation is to establish a sense of urgency, in effect ensuring there is motivation for the change to take place. Change is hard and without a strong uniting force that underpins their understanding of why the change is necessary to the survival of the business it is unlikely to gain traction and succeed.

Kotter’s Leading Change – Steps to renew your organisation

June 7th, 2010|Change Management|

John P. Kotter's seminal book Leading Change published in 1996 is now more than ever a go-to book to understand how to deliver change in businesses and organisations. Kotter's eight steps to transforming your organisation are explored including: Urgency; Powerful Guiding Coalitions; Vision; Communicating the Vision; Empowering Others to Act; Short-Term Wins; Improvements and More Change, and; Institutionalising New Approaches.

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