On our 15th Birthday, Lynne Maciver reflects on lessons learnt in starting up in business.

Monday 19th April, 2021

Maciver Project Services turns 15 today.

I remember clearly the leap from Employee to Founder. Reflecting on that time brings back the terrifying feelings of unpreparedness and imposter syndrome mixed with endless optimism. One of the best parts of being a first-time founder was the excitement of experiencing everything for the first time.

After 15 years, perhaps now I feel qualified to share some advice for anyone thinking about taking the same leap.

Know your purpose.

The 'Why'. If you know your why, the destination is less important. You will have inherent responsiveness and agility to stay the distance if you are clear on what your business exists for, and the impact you aim to make.

There is a shift taking place, business success defined solely by the bottom line is quickly becoming outdated. Businesses with purpose make an impact on the lives of the people they seek to serve. Be clear on what your reasons are as quickly as you possibly can and challenge them regularly.

Other people know stuff, probably more than you.

Find a great accountant and trusted advisors. They have done it before, learn from their experience. Interview them as potential partners and find someone with who you resonate, the difference to your business will be stark. I have seen other start-up's relationships with accountants and advisors fail, it is frustrating for both parties. Don't rush this decision and pay their fees willingly, it is an investment.

Work out what works for you.

Running a business shines a spotlight on both your talents and weaknesses. It won't take long before you will feel exposed by the things you don't know, roll with it. Accept the gaps in your knowledge and experience and fill them. Ask questions... a lot!

A glorious day will come when the skill or ability that underpinned your decision to start up in business shines in all its glory. I hope for you that it happens as soon as possible, but don't be discouraged if it takes time. The warmth of this spotlight is encouraging, affirming and provides the motivation and energy to keep going when the proverbial s**t hits the fan, and sorry folks, at some stage it most likely will.

You will learn a lot about yourself, play to your  Build a business that is flexible and resilient enough to be able to respond to both.

Good luck to anyone about to embark on their business journey and thank you to everyone that has been a part of ours so far.

Here's to the next 15!